Stöckchen: You and your Tablet

Stöckchen von Thoughtfix

  1. Do you own a Nokia 770 or Nokia N800? Not yet
  2. If not, what keeps you from buying one today? My unclear financial situation
  3. If so: What do you use it for most? I’d use for email, browsing and as an eBook Reader (PDFs, lecture books from university) and of course MobLogging. I do have my MP3-Player for MP3s and my 6288 or my Olympus Z350 for taking photos
  4. What applications do you desire most? Skype and a software, which searches for open WLANs stations and directly logs in, so that you can surf without hesitating whos hotspot you are using.
  5. What accessories do you desire most? A Digicam with built in GPS and Bluetooth
  6. If you could change the design, how would you do it? I didn’t have had the chance to lay my hands on one of the tablets, so no ideas from my side.

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